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From dusk till dawn, music is everywhere. In one hour, this is what the workshop Life is music teaches us, through the transformation of the most trivial sounds into a fascinating musical experience.

During this interactive and dynamic workshop, pupils discover how music surrounds and accompanies us all day long. To hear it, you simply need an attentive mind, open ears, and a bit of imagination.

The exceptional text is inspired from the work of a worldwide known children’s book author, Alain M. Bergeron. The show is hosted and narrated by actor Jean-François Poulin, who is known for his roles in many great musicals, such as Bert in Mary Poppins. Hélène Lemay, the instigator of the project, created the soundtrack in collaboration with guitar player Jimmy Lahaie. Finally, André Moisan, famous clarinetist of the Symphony Orchestra of Montreal (OSM), took charge of staging

the show.

As the show unfolds, live guitar, trombone, clarinet, drums and musical effects are combined to create various styles such as classical, jazz, pop, folk, rock, country, and many more.

The audience even gets a chance to discover what the notion of absolute pitch is, as young prodigy Natal Prévost will step on stage and easily identify, live, the notes he will hear.

A resonating horn, or a trombone solo ? A thunder clap, or a drum roll? The young members of the audience are invited to notice that an open mind and imagination can transform anything into music if one takes the time to listen. Who knows how important music will become in the lives of these children who still have so much to hear ?

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Video design: Alex BERGERON

- Duration of the performance: 60 minutes

- Availability: at all times

- Target audience: 4 to 12 years old

- Audience: up to 1000 people

- Intermission: no

In order to adequately adapt the service, we suggest that you discuss your specific needs by planning a phone meeting with our team. 

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Marie Lemay, 2nd grade teacher, École St-Médard de Warwick

What a beautiful, dynamic, interactive and original music show! Everything was there: the pen of Mr. Alain M. Bergeron for the story, the musical direction of Hélène Lemay as well as the animation of the actor Jean-François Poulin. The children appreciated this musical experience and in no time, they it was so well written and animated. This is a great way to make our young people appreciate culture. An experience worthy of a clientele of elementary school children.


Lise Gagnon Doyon, music teacher,
St-Medard & Ste-Marie School  from Warwick

The children of primary schools St-Médard and Ste-Marie de Warwick, had the chance to attend a musical tale at the church. This theatrical tale written by Mr. Alain M.Bergeron and orchestrated by Mrs. Hélène Lemay featured an actor who interacted with schoolchildren. He made them realize that everyday noises could turn into music. There were also four musicians including a child  to support the story.

Everything was well orchestrated to make the event pleasant thanks to the musician Hélène Lemay. She hated this creation very well. The story, the visuals and the music were magnificent and appealed to everyone's imagination.

Schools lucky enough to afford this tale would certainly enjoy this show.

Madeleine Lemay, kindergarten teacher at the retirement, École St-Médard de Warwick

I had the chance to attend several workshops for children aged 5 to 12 during my 33-year career.  Today, I can affirm that the musical tale  : “  life is music  is an exceptional one.  I would like to congratulate the author Mr. Alain Bergeron for this magnificent story which makes children discover the importance of the sounds that surround us.  And what about the musicians under the direction of Ms. Hélène Lemay who come to support the story.  Without forgetting the actor Mr. Jean-François Poulin who knew how to capture the attention of all the students from kindergarten to sixth grade, throughout the workshop.  You are all awesome.  Thank you for giving us such a musical experience in our beautiful region of Center du Québec.  Besides, I recommend this show to all schools, everywhere in Quebec.

6th grade teacher

My 6th graders appreciated the fact that he was a real actor, a real singer. Quite a challenge to have an audience of 400 children from kindergarten to grade 6. It's not won in advance, they laugh if they find it funny and they participate if it's motivating and interesting! Sometimes adults do it out of politeness, children do it if they feel like it. So, well done to you!

4th and 5th grade students, École St-Médard de Warwick

- There was a lot of humor.

- The students were involved.

- They liked to hear instruments.

- They liked the story.

- They found that the author and the musicians had shown a lot of


- They liked the comparison between noises and music.

Lucie Harvey, teacher

A beautiful children's show, which all children should have the chance to see. Written by Alain M. Bergeron, this show combining theater and music aims to introduce the world of music to elementary school children.

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