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Lors d'un 5 à 7, un cocktail dinatoire, un gala corporatif, ou d'un mariage, nos multiples possibilités combleront tous vos besoins musicaux et répondront aux exigences les plus spécifiques. Laissez-nous vous guider afin de métamorphoser votre soirée en un événement musical marquant. Une réussite dont tous se souviendront longtemps!.

A refined Jazzy Lounge atmosphere and  " groovy" who you  transport _  in an urban rhythmic universe. This unique concept  brilliantly combining the sound of the saxophone, the guitar,  double bass and electro  is a unanimous success every time.


Ideal  for your trendy evenings,  corporate or private.  


The artists create  for you live  an irresistible electro-lounge-acoustic atmosphere.


From two to four musicians.

At the cocktail party, nothing better than a  jazz ensemble to create a relaxed atmosphere.


From two to five musicians.

For your ceremony, opt for a duo  cello  and  bass.

Warm up your dance floor with our  DJ animator who will offer you the best selection of music in the company of LIVE musicians!

Make a selection of songs among your favorites and  letting us know your special requests. From Sinatra to the Beatles, from Stevie Wonder to Elton John, passing through Motown to the Big band and even the great classic tunes. 

During dinner, an acoustic duet is a safe bet!

Give your guests an unforgettable experience by offering them a colorful opening number!

Dance party with a LIVE band! 

(with explorer Bernard Voyer)

A breathtaking sound and visual exploration with three virtuosos who transport us to the heart of the spectacular adventures of explorer Bernard Voyer.  

Witnesses of a veritable tour de force at the frontiers of the possible, the spectators will be won over by this masterful event.

A unique interactive experience combining special effects, projections, live musical performances with extraordinary expeditions by Bernard Voyer.

ANDRÉ MOISAN, clarinets and saxophones, OSM

HÉLÈNE LEMAY, trombone and special effects

JIMMY LAHAIE, guitars and compositions

BERNARD VOYER, the explorer tells!

(youth event)

A bird song or the flight of a clarinet? Rumbling thunder or a drum roll? A sound of car horns or a loud trombone?

From morning to night, music is everywhere in our lives. This is demonstrated by the show When Life Is Music... , which brings together children's literature and original musical creation . The text is the work of children's author, Alain M. Bergeron . The narration and animation is provided by actor Jean-François Poulin , who plays Bert in the Mary Poppins production. The instigator of the project, Hélène Lemay , also ensures the musical and artistic direction as well as the staging. Special participation by André Moisan of the Orchester Symphonique de Montréal . 


Ideal for cocktails, brunches and meals during your evenings, conventions, galas, celebrations and parties, 5 to 7, award ceremonies, weddings, golf tournaments, launches and inaugurations.


Our technique allows us to play outside during your outdoor activities: dinners, picnics, golf, roasts and barbecue.

Tuxedo Swing, Radio-Canada program "Par ici l'été" July 2016. 

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