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LATIN PASSION (with Brazilian singer BÏA )


Party! Come vibrate to the rhythm of Latin passion with the Brazilian singer Bïa in the company of six passionate virtuosos.
From tango to bossa nova via samba, let yourself be transported to the heart of a sunny and festive musical universe. This trip will take us from Cuba to Rio with stops in Mexico City and Buenos Aires and will feature the excellent Paul Picard on percussion, Didier Dumoutier on accordion, Hélène Lemay on trombone, as well as OSM virtuosos: Jean- Willy Kunz on piano and organ, Ali Yazdanfar on double bass, and André Moisan on clarinet and saxophones.




Piano: Jean-Willy KUNZ


Clarinets: André MOISAN

Trombone: Hélène LEMAY

Percussion: Paul PICARD

Accordion  : Didier DUMOUTIER


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