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Alain M. Bergeron


Originally from Plessisville, Alain M. Bergeron showed a propensity for reading very early on. From Aunt Lucille to Bob Morane via Asterix and Tintin, he reads passionately, all the time. His love of reading and his fluency in French inevitably lead him to writing.

A prolific author, Alain has more than 200 publications to date, most of them for young people. His first book, The eclipse of time (Soulières Éditeur, 1990), earned him the Cécile-Rouleau Literary Prize from the Canadian Association for French Language Education. In 1996, he joined forces with Sampar, then an illustrator for the magazine Safari. Together they make a series of gags on Santa Claus which, two years later, are the subject of an album by Soulières Éditeur. For Alain and Sampar, it was the start of a great friendship and a precious collaboration that would give birth to dozens of books. Did you know?,  Captain Static, Billy Stuart are just a few of the very popular collections they have made together.

Since 2005, Alain has devoted himself exclusively to writing and leading workshops in schools. His alert pen and his inexhaustible imagination make him an essential author of children's literature.

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