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  • Piano solo

  • Violin Duo

  • jazz trio

  • String Quartet

  • classical orchestra

  • dance orchestra

  • Big  band

  • dj

  • Jazz

  • Classic

  • Lounge

  • Latin

  • Dancing

  • vintage

  • Piano

  • Violin, cello

  • Harp

  • Guitar

  • transverse flute

  • saxophone, trombone

  • Bass

  • Percussion / Drums

  • singer / singer

  • Tailored

Congratulations, the big day is coming!


We are aware that your wedding day will be one of the most important of your life! That's why we offer you a turnkey service to meet all your musical needs.

Whether for the wedding ceremony , the cocktail , the reception or any other moment related to your wedding, let us guide you on the appropriate choices according to your tastes, needs and budget.  

We have the set you need:                Select the  style  according to your tastes             Choose instrumentation:


Entertain your guests while you're away taking a series of photos with quality artists and musicians.

For your ceremony, add a cello and double bass duo, or a  harp .

At the cocktail party, nothing better than a  jazz trio  or a duet  acoustic guitar  and  saxophones to entertain your guests. For a classic atmosphere, opt for a duo:  cello  and piano .

In the evening, several options of songwriters and cover groups of recent and retro hits are available to you to warm up the dance floor before the DJ starts.  


Then the host DJ offers you the best selection of music!

On party music, a  electronic violinist  or one  percussionist  are good options.

Make a  selection of songs from our repertoire or create your own repertoire  by telling us about your special requests.

Examples of our repertoire for the ceremony  :     Examples from our "jazz" repertoire:        Examples from our "current pop" repertoire: 

  • Pachelbel's D-barrel

  • Air on Bach's G String

  • over the rainbow

  • Ave Maria by Schubert

  • Wedding March (exit)

  • La Boheme (Aznavour)

  • LOVE

  • What a wonderfull world

  • Fly me to the moon

  • Besame mucho

  • Can't take my eyes of you

  • moon dance

  • Autumn  leaves

  • All of me (John Legnd)

  • Paradise (Coldplay)

  • When I was your man (Bruno Mars)

  • A thousand years (Christina  Perry)

You will also have technical support from the beginning of the day until the closing of the room.


The sound system and lighting will be tailored to the size of your group.





In the organization of my wedding in June 2016, I contacted Hélène Lemay of Tuxedo Swing, with only a few weeks notice, to have background musicians at the reception which was taking place in Danville. Madame Lemay was very efficient and flexible in offering us two jazz musicians from her team. The type of music chosen fit perfectly with the style of my event and helped make it a memorable day. The musicians were very professional. Mrs. Lemay was even able to help us out by allowing us to use the sound system for the wedding celebration which was taking place earlier in the afternoon. I warmly recommend Tuxedo Swing, everything was perfect!

Julie Mongrain, Warwick


Hello Mrs Lemay,

I wanted to tell you that Richard and I as well as all our guests were charmed by the performances of your musicians.
Victoria's voice is magnificent and she was frankly well accompanied.
We wouldn't hesitate to recommend TUXEDO SWING to anyone who might need some music.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend 
Anne Marie
  and Richard ( )


Hello Mrs Lemay,


Congratulations are in order following the Tuxedo Swing concert last night, and I must note the quality of your performance. 

The band is excellent, the arrangements super original and the musicians are second to none. 

Congratulations again and thank you very much for the assistance you have given me.

John Roussy


Hello Helen,

Once again Tuxedo Swing has captured our attention, excited our hearing and made our hearts beat to the rhythm of wonderful creative and spectacular arrangements.


It is easy to discern the beautiful complicity that exists between the musicians which translates into a perfect harmony between the creation and the interpretation of each of the pieces presented in the program.


Very sincerely,

Nicole and John


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